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The idea of this project is to provide an easy way to connect to a MantisBT installation via a SOAP webservice. MantisConnect is a PHP webservice that is built on top of Mantis API.

Being a webservice allows easy creation of proxy clients from languages like Java, PHP, Perl, and others. MantisConnect currently has client libraries for .NET, Java, and Cocoa.

MantisConnect logs into MantisBT before doing any actions, after that all actions are associated with the logged in user account. MantisConnect is designed to provide a user with exactly the same access privileges as available to that user through using MantisBT directly. There is also a feature where remote access through MantisConnect can be limited to read-only access for users below a certain access threshold.

Typically a MantisConnect release will be issued after a MantisBT release, if such MantisBT release is no longer compatible with the latest available release of MantisConnect.

The vision for MantisConnect is that it will include several tools and libraries that links with a MantisBT installation to add value. Examples of such tools can be seen in the screenshots page and can be downloaded from the downloads page.

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